Especially in agriculture, food industry or in the municipal sector, a large amount of bio-waste is produced. However, it can be used efficiently in environmentally sound manner as material, energy or combined. Due to changing climatic conditions, particularly among the Central and Southern European countries, universities, research institutions and business entities focus on this issue and look for solutions to reduce the risk arising from these issues. Environmentally friendly bio-waste processing and utilization technologies, as well as rationally applied agrotechnical measures can significantly, increase soil retention, and can be a significant factor reducing the negative effects of ongoing climate change and drought effects.

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Visegrad Fund

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Mendelova univerzita v Brně - Czechia

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Uniwersytet Rolniczy im Hugona Kollataja w Krakowie – Poland

Slovenská polnohospodárská univerzita v Nitre – Slovakia

Debreceni Egyetem – Hungary